Our Story

ABOUT BENIQUEBenique Jewelry


Positively inspire and influence women to live stylish and delighted by offering a versatile selection of quality, adorable, and fashion-forward jewelry that women everywhere can love every day and every season.


Benique introduces both daily and classic pieces for everyday wear.  Our chic and stunning pieces are designed to make a statement at special occasions and events at an affordable price and without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.  We strive to offer low costs, countless variety, and an emotional connection to both our company and the fashion industry as a whole. By working closely with our suppliers, and through constant communication, we are able to eliminate any middleman markup, and offer the same high-quality, luxury style that other brands offer for only a fraction of the price.  By releasing fabulous new designs frequently, we keep our collection fresh, varied, and always in season.


WHY OUR NAME? Benique is pronounced be•nique. BE: used to describe the characterization of a person. NIQUE: everyone is unique, and very special. We are committed to delivering stylish and quality jewelry to empower women to express their unique personality.





As a fashion and jewelry lover, I update my personal jewelry collection every season. I believe jewelry is an extension of people's personality, a fun and spiritual complement to any lifestyle, and a way for women to individualize ourselves. It is no longer merely a way to style up ourselves, but to express who we are without having to speak. 

From a jewelry shopper to a jewelry label founder, I understand the importance of its design, quality and cost. We need to feel good with our jewelry within a budget, because of the beautiful handcraft and stunning design. There is a common myth that high price point means high quality. Benique was founded to offer women an alternative way to shop quality and stylish jewelry without up to 10x the cost by cutting middleman and avoid overhead such as in-store costs.

While providing adorable jewelry, and exceptional customer service, our hope is to create a more personal connection and positively influence the lives of women everywhere.