Jewelry Care Tips

We have some tips that are important to take note of no matter what type of jewelry you choose to adorn yourself with.

Around the House

  1. Wait to put your jewelry on until after you have finished grooming to prevent exposure to chemicals. Soap, lotion, moisturizer, and perfume all leave residue behind that can build up and eventually leave your jewelry with a dull finish that is hard to remove.
  2. When getting undressed, remove your jewelry items first to prevent any items getting caught on your clothing and becoming damaged.
  3. Remove your jewelry before taking a shower or cleaning the house to prevent any liquid damage.
  4. Remove your jewelry before beginning a workout. The sweat on your skin can cause corrosion.

Storing  and Maintaining Your Jewelry

  1. Make sure your jewelry is thoroughly dry. Never store jewelry in a plastic bag as it may be prone to moisture build-up that will cause damage.
  2. Use a soft pouch to store jewelry, make sure each piece is spaced well enough apart that they cannot scratch or scuff against one another, causing damage.
  3. Always fasten the clasp on necklaces and bracelets prior to storing them as this will prevent any potential of tangling.
  4. Wipe jewelry that contains pearls or other gemstones with a soft, lint-free cloth as soon as you remove them. This will maintain their shine and luster as it removes the oils picked up from your skin while wearing.
  5. Pearl jewelry should be stored away from heat as this will cause them to dry and crack.

Have Fun But...

10. Wearing your jewelry while swimming or surfing in the ocean may be a real fashion statement, but you aren’t doing your jewelry any favors. The salt water will cause damage over an extended period.

11. Rotate your jewelry pieces to get the longest life out of them. Wearing a certain piece every day will cause more wear and tear. Instead, give yourself permission to have more items in your jewelry box. This will cut down on maintenance and cleaning of your favorite items if they are worn less often.